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This Video Of Krispy Kreme Making Tonnes Of Doughnuts Is All Things Satisfying

A fresh, hot and glazed doughnut can instantly lift our spirits. Doughnuts traditionally are ring-shaped desserts that are often glazed and finished off with pretty sprinkles. Some doughnuts are also filled with scrummy stuffing. Krispy Kreme, one of world’s most beloved doughnut giants gave a sneak peak in to their kitchen in this INSIDER video.

The video shot at Krispy Kreme, Burbank CA shows how the outlet churns doughnut in massive batches everyday. “People get their phones out, they want to capture every moment, when the doughnuts are coming onto the fryer, when the doughnuts are glazed”, says Gloria, store’s unit manager on customer’s excitement of watching the doughnuts in the making. Did you know Krispy Kreme, Burbank CA alone makes about 50,000 doughnuts a day!

You can watch in the video how the preparation begins with making batches of dough, in house. Then comes the cutting of rings, which is also done by machines. The doughnuts then go in the proofer, where they are allowed to rest and rise before baking. In here, they also get their final, flawless shape. Once baked, they are glazed in batches. The glaze is prepared in advance and dispensed via a special equipment that allows glazing multiple doughnuts at once.
Isn’t this video an absolute visual treat! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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