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Cllickr is an online news portal, it is a news accumulator. Cllickr doesn’t make or publish any news of any genre, the website cant be held responsible for any news or information which isn’t apt according to the local authority. It’s always advised to look at the source news where the primary news has been reported. Cllickr hence doesn’t take any responsibility for any wrong news or information about anything published on its source website. Cllickr being a news accumulator is just responsible for forwarding what’s already published. 

Cllickr also takes no responsibility for third party websites and its sources available on cllickr as we have no control over the third-party websites and hence won’t be able to take any responsibility for the contents of the same. The website may use cookies for the enhancement of your user interface, but in no way we use information gathered or sell it for business purposes. 

The website Cllickr is also not involved in the circulation of any false or fake news, it condemns such acts. In case you find any of the information on the website to be false or vague it would be of great help if you report it to us with the contact us page. Cllickr also makes sure the clients and readers on the website are not doing any monetary transactions on the website, the website doesn’t have any payment gateway nor does it prompt any of its users to do any such suspicious transactions.