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Immunity Sandesh – This Viral Bengali Sweet Is Made With 15 Immunity-Boosting Herbs And Spices

A Bengali sweet shop in Kolkata created immunity sandesh.


  • A Bengali sweet shop launched ‘immunity sandesh’.
  • This sandesh is said to contain 15 herbs and spices.
  • Immunity sandesh is also sugar-free, it contains Himalayan honey.

A sweet that improves immunity? It’s as much of a shocker to us as it must be to you. Believe it or not, this Bengali sweet is touted to help strengthen immunity in the sweetest way possible. One of the oldest and popular Bengali sweet shops in Kolkata created a one-of-a-kind version of sandesh, injecting immunity-boosting properties in it and called it ‘immunity sandesh’. According to the makers, this sandesh is made with 15 different herbs and spices, and the internet is lauding their effort and is impressed with the novelty of the creation.

With Coronavirus cases spiralling up by the day and no vaccine in sight, we all have pinned our hopes on the only line of defence we have currently – immunity. A strong immunity can help us manage infections and diseases in a better way. Many health experts are advising age-old herbs and spices concoctions with medicinal properties to help build and strengthen our immunity. Bengali sweet shop Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick in Kolkata came out with its own way to help people consume these foods and not be appalled by their taste. The shop claims that ‘Immunity sandesh’ contains the goodness of 15 types of herbs and spices like tulsi (basil), haldi (turmeric), elaichi (cardamom), licorice, jayfal (nutmeg), adrak (ginger), black pepper, saffron (kesar), tej patta (bay leaves) among others.

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This is not your usual sandesh; it is claimed to be healthy so it does not even contain sugar or jaggery. It is sweetened with Himalayan honey as it helps the herbs retain their nutritional value. All the ingredients are mixed with cottage cheese (to make this creamy) and herbal sweet.

Even during the lockdown period, the West Bengal government had allowed the sweet shops to remain open as sweets are an indispensable part of the Bengali cuisine.

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