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Philips Hue A21 Smart Bulb Debuts With Light Output Equivalent to 100W Bulb

Signify, the parent company of Philips Hue lights, today expanded the range of its smart lighting solutions by launching the Philips Hue A21 bulb, Philips Hue Centris spot-ceiling lights, Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus lightstrip, and Philips Hue Bloom table lamp. Among the fresh models, the new Philips Hue bulb is the showstopper as it is touted to deliver a light output of 1,600 lumens — twice as bright as what we get on an existing smart bulb by the company. There is also Bluetooth support to let users connect the Philips Hue A21 with their phones, without requiring a hub.

Philips Hue A21, Philips Hue Centris, Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, and Philips Hue Bloom price, availability details

The Philips Hue A21 price is set at $19.99 (roughly Rs. 1,500), while the new Philips Hue Centris comes with a starting price of EUR 279.95 (roughly Rs. 24,100). Further, the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus is priced at $24.99 (roughly Rs. 1,900) for 1-metre length and the Philips Hue Bloom at $69.99 (roughly Rs. 5,300).

On the availability part, the Philips Hue A21 bulb will be available for purchase in the US and European markets from the middle of this month. The Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, on the other hand, will be available from mid-June in Europe and selected stores in the US. The Philips Hue Bloom will also go on sale in Europe starting mid-June, while its US availability is set for mid-July. The company is yet to reveal the availability of the Philips Hue Centris, though.

Details about the India pricing and availability of the new Philips Hue devices are yet to be announced.

Philips Hue A21 specifications, features

The Philips Hue A21 is designed to address the low-lighting problems of existing Philips Hue bulbs. The smart bulb is capable of producing light output equivalent to a traditional 100W bulb. This is unlike the older models that have light output equivalent to a 60W bulb. Signify claims that the given light output on the new model is perfect “to properly illuminate the kitchen while cooking.”

philips hue a21 image Philips Hue A21

Philips Hue A21 is designed to address the issues with existing smart bulbs by the company


The bulb comes in a soft white colour light. This means that you won’t be able play with any colour adjustments. Further, there is Bluetooth connectivity support — just like the earlier launched Philips Hue A19. The bulb also has an E27 fitting and 17W energy consumption.

Philips Hue Centris specifications, features

In addition to the Philips Hue A21, Signify has brought the new Philips Hue Centris spot-ceiling lights that are designed to produce diffused, adjustable, and focussed accent lightings. Each light in the Centris range can be set and controlled individually and has 350-degree rotation.

philips hue centris Philips Centris

Philips Centris has 350-degree rotation


Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus specifications, features

There is also the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus that can be cut-off into pieces or re-used as a single lightstrip using the bundled connector. Just like the bulb and spot-ceiling lights, the lightstrip has Bluetooth support. This means it can be used without the Philips Hue Smart Hub. However, you’ll still need the bridge if you want to use the lightstrip with a HomeKit-compatible device, remote access, or using a third-party app. The lightstrip comes in one and two metre sizes.

philips hue lightstrip plus image Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus comes with Bluetooth support


Philips Hue Bloom specifications, features

Signify has also brought the new Philips Hue Bloom table lamp that is an upgrade of the earlier Hue Bloom. The new model has a white finish and an improved white light that can be boosted up to 500 lumens and can transform from warm white (2000K) to cool daylight (6500k). There is also Bluetooth support.

philips hue bloom Philips Hue Bloom

Philips Hue Bloom can transform from warm white (2000K) to cool daylight (6500k)


The design of the new Philips Hue Bloom is aimed to match with any room decors and colours. Further, the new Hue Bloom has the ability to deep dim (minimum level below one percent) to be a nightlight in your room.

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