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5 Green Foods To Add To Your Grocery List For Health Benefits


  • Adding green boosters to your daily meal can go a long way
  • Green ruits, vegetables and spices have countless benefits
  • Here are 5 green foods you must include in your diet

Since we are now living the new normal where strength and well-being are necessary to protect and survive, what can be a better time to start including green boosters like green leafy veggies, fruits, green condiments and refreshing antioxidant drinks to achieve our fitness goals and boost immunity? Healthy living starts with one small step at a time and becomes a way of life before we even know it. Therefore, without making drastic changes that are not sustainable, we recommend you to add these green boosters to your daily meals to be a healthier version of yourself.

If you want to stay healthy and safe during this pandemic, the following items should be on the top of your grocery list:

Switch To Healthier Moringa Teas And Green Coffee:

Since we are all working from home nowadays, there are far too many chai-coffee breaks than we should ought to partake. While we understand that they have their own negative sides as well as positives, switching to a healthier alternative of Moringa Green tea is the way to go since it gives you all the benefits of green tea with the nourishment of green booster Moringa. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it helps boost immunity and help build strength. It also helps maintain bone and joint health, regulate metabolism and aid in weight management, thus bringing you much closer to your desired body weight and health.

Coffee lovers, on the other hand, can also enjoy the benefits of great taste along with receiving antioxidants and boosted immunity with Green coffee. Since green coffee, unlike regular coffee beans, are not roasted, they have three times more antioxidant potential (which is otherwise lost during the roasting process). Thus, facilitating weight loss along with boosting immunity.

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Green Fruits – A Good Boost Of Vitamin C

Green fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are important for good health. Amla (or Indian Gooseberry) is a highly underrated fruit since it has the highest vitamin C content (600mg/100 g) among fruits which help boost immunity and fight infection. The best part about Amla is that dried amla has the same nutritional value as fresh ones, and therefore, can be stored and eaten all year round either as a fruit itself or as fresh juice or powder. Another easily available source of Vitamin C are sweet limes which helps boost body’s immunity.

Green Veggies For Great Health:

We all know about green veggies like spinach and the health benefits they offer. But, did you know turnip greens, cauliflower stalks and dill leaves are also greens that you must include for the immense health benefits they offer?! Turnip greens are part of the cruciferous vegetable family and are high in iron (100g= 28.4 mg) & vitamin C (180mg). Turnip greens are one of the finest sources of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can offer protection from the vitamin-A deficiency, osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anemia, and believed to protect from cardiovascular diseases and possibly from colon cancers.

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When talking about green boosters, cauliflower is one of the most nutritious greens. However, its stem is often neglected but is very nutritious. Cauliflower stalks are higher in fibre, calcium and vitamin C. These stalks can be chopped into small pieces or boiled in a pressure cooker and used along with other vegetables in soups or can sometimes even be sautéed with the whole vegetable for a lip smacking but healthy meal

Dill leaves are great green boosters that can also be used to add that extra oomph and taste in your continental experiments at home apart from dals, dosa batter, and pickles that not only bring out the chef in you but also provide a great source of health boost to the body. One may also include it in garnishing for salads, pizzas, dips and pastas or any dish of choice which will not only add a great aroma and taste but also boost your overall health quotient. Dill leaves are a good source of iron, helps boost immunity, offer protection from cancer, and reduce bloating

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Your New Green Friend – Wheat Grass

Apart from your regular greens, consider adding wheat grass to your diet as it is an emerging superfood and a great green booster. Wheat grass is a good source of various health promoting nutrients like chlorophyll, flavonoids, fiber and vitamins C and E. Inclusion of wheat grass to your diet will give you the power to fight off hematological diseases, cancer, oxidative stress, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, diabetes and obesity. Wheat grass can be consumed as fresh juice, tablets and powders which are easily available in supermarkets , e-commerce websites and retail stores.

Queen of Spices- Green Cardamom

Right from our morning tea to biryanis and to our traditional Indian desserts, elaichi is a part of our cooking and daily lives. It is an aromatic spice bursting with health benefits, no wonder it is called queen of spices. It helps to improve digestion, gives relief from bloating and acidity and boost immunity.

These are a few healthy foods to add to your grocery list to help you maintain great health and well-being. So what are you waiting for? Let’s commit to include these green boosters to enjoy good health and wellbeing.

About Author:

Sheryl Salis is a Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator.


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