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WeTransfer Blocked: Five Alternatives That Allow Large File Transfers for Free

WeTansfer is blocked in India by various telecom operators. Users cannot access the popular file-transfer service on the likes of Reliance Jio, ACT Fibernet, and Vodafone Idea. The online service is useful when one needs to send large files to someone over the Web. Its free version allows users to upload files of up to 2GB in size, while the premium version enables transfer of up to 20GB of files or folders along with 1TB of storage space. WeTransfer competes with services like Google Drive, Smash, and many more.

If you are one of the impacted users from the WeTransfer block, there are several other alternatives that you can use instead. We’ve listed five best options that allow for large files transfer free of cost.

1. Smash

Smash offers similar service to WeTransfer and lets you transfer large files over the Web. In fact, there is no size limit that Smash enforces, and users can transfer files of any size. In the free version of Smash, the files are available for up to 14 days and the service offers features like password protection for more security. There’s also file previews available for free clients.

smash Smash

Smash offers file previews available for free clients

Smash offers a premium version that starts from $5 per month, and it allows for files to be available for 365 days and the transfer URL can be customised as well.

2. Firefox Send

firefoxsend Firefox Send

Firefox Send allows users to transfer up to 1GB of files without signing in

Firefox Send is also a convenient alternative to WeTransfer. It allows users to transfer up to 1GB of files without signing in, and if the user registers on the site, the free file transfer limit increases to 2.5GB. The links that are shared via the free account stay available for up to seven days. Users can also customise when they want the file to expire. They can choose from options like up to 100 downloads or up to 7 days. Firefox Send also enables users to protect the file transfer with a password.

3. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is also a free service that allows for file transfers with no size limit. This means users can upload any content – be it images, videos, audio, or documents – of any size limit for free. The service is easy to use, and users can send the files directly, via a link, or via email.

send anywhere Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere can send the files directly, via a link, or via email

The tool has a few ads that users will have to bear with – given the absolute free nature of the service. The direct transfer button shows a code that needs to be punched in by the receiver to enable transfer. The link option generates a unique link that can be sent to the recipient to enable transfer. Finally, the email option lets you send the file transfer code and details on email.

4. SurgeSend

SurgeSend free version comes with an upload limit of 3GB per file. The storage limit offered by this file transfer service is 5GB, while the link is available to the recipient for up to seven days. The free version allows for a maximum of three people with who a file can be shared via a single transfer.

sendsurge SurgeSend

SurgeSend free version comes with an upload limit of 3GB per file

The Pro version, which costs about $15 per month, allows for pausing and resuming of uploads, offers an upload limit of up to 50GB, and storage limit of up to 250GB. It also enables file sharing between 25 people, and allows for re-sharing as well. The availability of the file transfer is customisable for SurgeSend Pro users. SurgeSend offers password protection only to premium users.

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5. Google Drive

Google Drive could also be an ideal replacement for WeTransfer, as it offers 15GB of free cloud storage enabling users to send files within that limit. Users will require a Google account to use Google Drive, and once that obligation is met with, the cloud storage service allows for sending content via email or through a direct link as well. Google Drive allows you to customise who can view the link, and even enable edit and commenting on the files shared. Of course, Google Drive offers top notch security features and encryption standards for a worry-free file transfer.

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