Top 5 Health and Workout Apps to Download on Android, iPhone During Lockdown in India

The best health and workout apps right now are very important as we all try and stay fit despite being under lockdown thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. We can’t go out for a walk for fear of bringing COVID-19 into our homes, and the same is true for gyms and fitness clubs too. This doesn’t mean that you can’t stay active and fit though — with the right apps on your smartphone, you’ve got all the tools you need.

We’re not fitness experts, so we’ve looked at the apps that are most popular on both Android and iOS, to find the most popular choices that people in India are following during the lockdown. Whether you’re using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can download these apps to start working out and stay fit during the lockdown. We looked at the most popular apps during the lockdown, that have been downloaded the most in the last month.

Read on to see which are the most popular health and workout apps on Android and iOS.

Top 5 workout apps for Android

1. Fastic Fasting App & Intermittent Fasting Tracker

You can download the Fastic app on your Android device to achieve your personal weight goals using various fasting methods. The app begins the signup process by asking you to provide your goals with fasting. You can choose from the given options, such as better health, detox, live longer, more energy, and more focus. After getting your details, the Fastic app provides you with your personal fasting programme. There are 12 different fasting plans. Further, the app includes a water tracker to help you stay hydrated while fasting and staying indoors during the lockdown. Although the Fastic app is available for free, you can join the three-month subscription to the Fastic Plus service at Rs. 2,750 to avail daily lessons and get coaching.

Fastic app is available for free to help you track your daily diet

Download | Also available on iOS — Download

2. Gold’s Gym India

The Gold’s Gym India app was originally designed to let you find your nearby gym or fitness studio. However, you can use this app at the time of the ongoing lockdown to stream unlimited audio or video workouts. The app lets you set your fitness goals such as weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, or strength gain while signing up for the first time to adjust your workout tasks accordingly. Once signed up, you can watch any of the listed audio and video content from the homescreen. The app has a Google Fit integration to save your workouts and let you see your progress at any time, and you don’t need to pay any money to watch the listed audio or video content.

Gold’s Gym India lets you do various exercises while staying at home

Download | Also available on iOS — Download

3. Calorie Counter, Home Workout & Immunity Plan — HealthifyMe

Android users can also take a look at the Calorie Counter, Home Workout & Immunity Plan app designed by fitness startup HealthifyMe. The app allows you to join a weight loss programme, get a diet plan, or view a calorie counter, all while staying at home. You can also track your activities, water intake, and food calories consumption to meet your fitness goals. At the time of signing up, the app asks you to provide your daily activity details and medical conditions through which it establishes your goals and lets you track your food to stay fit. You can also set a meal reminder. Moreover, there are over 50 free workouts that you can choose, without paying for a subscription.

Calorie Counter, Home Workout & Immunity Plan by HealthifyMe provides videos to work out at home

Download | Also available on iOS — Download

4. Home Workout

The Home Workout app lets you set your weekly goals to better shape your body. You can also take challenges for your full body or lower body or pick a workout to build abs, chest, or biceps at home. The app provides animations and video guidance for each exercise. Also, it includes warm-up and stretching routines. There are workout reminders that can customise as per your preferences. The app also provides you with training progress. Specifically for users in the lockdown, the Home Workout app is giving free access to all premium workouts until July 1.

Home Workout lets you set your workout goals to stay fit indoors

Download | Also available on iOS — Download

5. HealthierMe

The HealthierMe app is another trending Android app for home workouts. The app provides you with exercise planning for free. You can choose which part of your body requires a workout and then get specific training for that part. Once you’ve selected the body parts you want to focus on, the app will ask you for the purpose of your fitness. It will then provide you with a recommended diet and exercises. There are live video teachings to help you stay fit indoors. You can also complete the given training courses on the app to accomplish your fitness goals. The HealthierMe is available for free for the first three days. However, you can purchase its subscription at Rs. 7,400 a week to get regular fitness training during the lockdown.

HealthierMe offers recommended diet and exercises on the basis of your height and weight


Top 5 workout apps for iOS


The app is a hub for workouts from home for iPhone users. You can join live classes for free or watch fitness videos to achieve specific goals. There is also special content for beginners and senior citizens. The app also has workouts led by athletes and master trainers. Additionally, the app has meditation and yoga training sessions that you can choose to stay healthy during the lockdown. lets you join special classes or do some workout from the available video sessions

Download | Also available on Android — Download

2. 30 Days Fitness

The 30 Days Fitness app provides HD video tutorials and various fitness plans to provide you with workouts at home. The app offers goals such as toned arms, flat tummy, peachy butt, or skinny thighs that you can achieve in 30 days. Further, you can do some regular warm ups before beginning with some vigorous exercises.

30 Days Fitness helps you achieve your fitness goals in 30 days

Download | Also available on Android — Download

3. Exercises Workout & PulseBeat

Exercises Workout & PulseBeat is a trending app on iOS that you can download on your iPhone to start your workout programme during the lockdown. The app provides you with various exercises that you can perform at your home to reduce your weight and stay fit. It is also claimed to record your pulse rate once you place your finger on the iPhone’s camera. The Exercises Workout & PulseBeat app is available for free access under a three-day trial, post which it can be subscribed for a year at Rs. 7,500.

Exercises Workout & PulseBeat app provides with visual workout content


4. Fitness & Workout

Apple App Store also has the Fitness & Workout app that provides you with a fitness plan based on your personal goals and problem areas. The app offers you various exercises along with video instructions. You can also view your workout history to track your progress. The fitness plan provided by the Fitness & Workout app is claimed to be curated by fitness coaches. You can also share your results with your friends. The app is available for download with a three-day trial. However, you can subscribe to its one-week service at Rs. 669.

Fitness & Workout lets you sets your fitness plan to achieve specific goals while staying at home


5. Neou: Fitness Training Classes

If you want on-demand workouts while staying at home, you can download the Neou: Fitness Training Classes app on your iPhone. The app provides live classes from fitness studios, concepts, and trainers around the world. You’ll get coaching on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength, yoga, and stretching among others. Also, you can connect the app with your Apple Watch to see your heart rate live on your iPhone screen while performing any specific workout. The app is available with a monthly subscription of Rs. 99. However, you can access its classes for free under a seven-day trial.

Neou: Fitness Training Classes offers you with live classes and videos to help you stay fit

Download | Also available on Android — Download

Apart from the aforementioned apps, both Android and iPhone users have plenty of options to choose from. There are also specific apps such as At Home Workout for Women and Teal Personalised Home Workouts & Nutrition to meet specific demands.

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