Samsung Brings 20,000 Retailers Online to Boost Smartphone Sales

Samsung has brought 20,000 retailers online so customers in India can purchase Galaxy smartphones from nearby retailers, as e-commerce deliveries for non-essentials are still not allowed in major cities. Samsung has partnered with Benow, a merchant payments platform, to bring the retailers online and connect them with the local customers. The company said that more than 20,000 retailers have already signed up to the platform and that the move will be beneficial for both retailers and customers. Customers can browse and make payments online through Benow, without having to use cash or even physically swipe a card, so the user experience should be like shopping online.

How does Benow platform work?
Samsung first shares the dealer’s information with Benow after which the dealer receives a registration link of his or her mobile phone. The dealer then registers and downloads the Benow app. The dealer can then list all the smartphones up for sale and generate a link. The dealer can share this link on social media, via WhatsApp, and SMS, or can even advertise in the locality if he/she wants. The customers in the retailer’s locality can select their smartphone and make the payment online after which the dealer can get the item delivered to the customer.

Like most businesses in India, mobile phone companies and retailers have also faced tough times in the past nearly 40 days. Samsung has been trying to improve its sales by taking several steps including slashing the prices of some of its smartphones. The new move is also in that direction and it is expected to benefit not just the company but also the retailers.

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